Leadhype: The Story

My name is Andrew. 

My journey began in the real estate investing world. After hours and months of studying, I decided to start marketing using a direct mailing strategy. I started sending 4,000 direct mail letters per month of those ‘I Will Buy Your House’ letters. There was an incredible response rate and I got overwhelmed very fast.

I researched the ‘best’ CRM to use and discovered Podio. I had no idea what I was doing, but did my best and made it work. 

Now I had a ‘sort of’ organized business, but needed more. I ‘needed’ automations!

Time to hire FREELANCERS!

Have you ever wondered ‘why’ many small and medium business owners have worked with dozens of freelancers? Why haven’t they only worked with a select few freelancers? Quickly I became a Freelancer Manager. I learned, veryyyy quickly, how valuable quality, reliable freelancers are. 

There are freelancers who are passionate about what they do, regardless of pay, then there are freelancers who are in it for the money (ever have a freelancer disappear after payment?)

When I found valuable freelancers, I showed them my vision. I went out of my way to bring them referrals and projects to show my value to them, to ensure they stayed on the team. 

Eventually, Leadhype was born.

Leadhype was created to increase sales for other companies by generating and nurturing leads. Our in-house team was hand selected because they are experts in their own field.

If you are looking for proven experts, who give their best, every time, schedule your call. Let’s develop your Funnel Strategy.